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About Us

Nasim textile industry was established in the year 1986, by Mr. Muhammad Nasim Akhtar , as a towel manufacturing factory, Providing a range of most premium quality towels to our customer based in USA, Canada, Australia , Malaysia , Middle East, and many European countries. Because of our hard work, premium quality and customer satisfaction our company rapidly grew and become one of the best towel manufacturing industries in Pakistan. We manufacture all kinds of towels including shop towels which are one of our main product lines.

In 2005, we started increasing our product portfolio and added wiping rags which are used for various cleaning purposes and come in various categories. We are a bulk supplier of wiping rags and we pack our rags as per the buyer requirements. We provide premium quality rags that are exported all over the world.

From 2008, we started exporting (stock lot) denim in categories of men basic five-pocket pants, men shorts, lady's skinny pants and lady’s shorts to USA and other countries where it has a vast market and huge demand.

We are also bulk exporter of knitted fabric mainly muttoncloth and cheesecloth used for various purposes like covering meat or cheese as well as for polishing purposes, we manufacture it as per our buyer requirements with our high tech circular knitting machines.

The control of product quality at each production stage is of great importance to us, here in NasimTextile we believe in the continuous implementation of new technology and modern equipment to make us more efficient and we strive to become more and more environmentally friendly every day.